Maria has been fascinated by the wonders of costume making and backstage life since she was a child. She is also an avid film watcher. But the movie, or rather movies, that marked her were The Lord of The Rings. Watching the behind-the-scenes and the intricate process of filmmaking, especially the creation of Gollum/Sméagol, inspired her to pursue a creative career and to later seek opportunities in film and TV. 


Maria has built a reliable network in Lebanon by working as a Production Manager on plays and an Assistant Stylist on TV Commercials and Music videos in Arabic, French and English. She learned to manage teams, schedule complex projects, long working hours, and creative compromise of ideas to meet time and budget constraints, in addition to having effective collaboration skills in different industries and different countries.


Her experience in the theatre and TV world has taught her to be resilient and creative under extreme pressure, to foster a dynamic and quick-thinking environment and that all skills, in life, are transferable. It has also prepared her to be a quick learner, to have impeccable time management, to be tech-savvy, and to be a thoroughly organised person. 


As a dancer and gamer, she knows the importance of discipline, commitment, focus and courage and will be glad to apply it to create a quick-thinking and lively environment in any job she undertakes.


Coming from both a fine arts and production manager background gives her an edge in helping to bring stories and ideas to life, whether that be through film, games, dance or theatre.


Some of her ultimate goals in life are to write a fantasy book, make it into a series and video game, and create the first National Ballet company in Lebanon.

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